"Will I cook fancy pizzas, pastas and pies?

Here comes Master Chef Tate to broil, bake and fry!

Or will I fly to the moon like an astronaut?

Tate scratched his curly wee head as he thought, thought, thought."

Tate's Tales: Tate's BIG Birthday!

Sometimes growing up can feel like it's taking forever when you're a kid. Each birthday celebration can ignite the wonder of what the future holds. Will I make new friends and go to school? Will I swim laps in the "big kid" pool? Or maybe I'll be tall enough to make my first dunk shot. These are a few of the questions Tate asks himself as he imagines the BIG possibilities ahead.

With the turn of each page, you are transported into Tate's curious imagination as he dreams BIG on his birthday. A heartwarming story about wonderment, discovery and the unwavering bonds between child and parent.