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Special Mother's Day Pick

So many celebrations being re-imagined during this time, including Mother's Day. More time at home means more time to crack open your favourite book (and bottle of wine!)

When it comes to children's books, there are so many heartwarming mom-inspired reads to choose from, so instead of listing many of the classics, I'm going to highlight a hidden gem on my kids' bookshelf. This is Mama Loves Me by Anna Pignataro.

Book Cover

This beautifully written and illustrated picture book includes 3 stories:

Mama, How Long Will You Love Me?

Mama, Will You Hold My Hand?

Mama, Will I Be Yours Forever?

Right off the bat, I love how Pignataro titled each story with a child-like question to help engage little readers' curiosity. Each story follows a mama bear and cub duo that explore the depths of their bond. It becomes clear that wherever they go or whatever circumstance they find themselves in, they will always love each other. The lesson of unconditional love oozes out of this book and makes for a great follow-up dialogue with little readers.

In Mama, Will I Be Yours Forever? Pignataro writes about change, as little Sammy cub questions why and how things change in nature. Little readers can explore the wonders of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, as well as discuss how change is an inevitable part of life. Will little Sammy change, or Mama's love for him change? As detailed in this passage:

"Mama, will I change?" asked Sammy.

"You will become big and strong," whispered Mama. "But you will be my little bear forever."

Throughout the book, readers are embraced with whimsical and warm illustrations, while the writing style flows poetically from page to page. Little readers will point to hidden details on each page, ask their own questions and might even give you an extra cuddle.

From our bookshelf to yours, Mama Loves Me is my special pick for Mother's Day 2020. Cheers to all the special women out there raising fur babies and human babies, teaching all ages, prepping for parenthood, becoming a grandmother, looking after another living thing...the list goes on...I salute you!

Happy Mother's Day 2020 (one that we'll never forget!)

...and as always, happy reading!

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