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Story-Telling Sunday: Sports Illustrated KIDS

As the lone female ranger in this household, I'm reminded that my reality TV binge-watching habits will soon be replaced with Hockey Night in Canada. I'm also becoming acutely aware that my weekends will involve early morning skate practices. The words, "I'll never turn into a hockey mom", are frightfully dancing in my head.

The good news? There are so many ways to promote early literacy and cognitive skills through sports. Think about all the questions a game of hockey can elicit. How many goalies in a hockey game? What shapes do you see marked on the ice? What are the team colours? This is exactly what the Sports Illustrated Kids book series achieves.

Written by Mark Weakland, I'm excited to share three of our favourite books within the Sports Illustrated Kids book series. Puck drop! Let's get started...

"Sports Illustrated Kids, Hockey Counting"

Book Cover

The counting book teaches little readers to identify numbers 1 through 10 by connecting elements of hockey to each number. Vivid images of real hockey players are used throughout the book and help bring the story to life. I appreciate the simplicity of the book, as it lends itself well to readers with shorter attention spans.

"3 gold medals"

"6 hockey players on the ice"

"Sports Illustrated Kids, Hockey Patterns"

Book Cover

The patterns book teaches little readers to identify different designs surrounding a hockey environment. Weakland uses clever real-life images to portray these patterns during a hockey game. Some patterns are easier to spot than others, and my boys are always eager to figure out each teachable design.

"Hockey equipment makes a pattern on the bench"

"Each row in the stack has one less puck than the row below it"

"Sports Illustrated Kids, Hockey Shapes"

Book Cover

The shapes book teaches little readers all about the observable shapes during a hockey game. As featured in the other books, real-life photography is used to tell the story. All of the basic shapes are covered from circles to squares to triangles...and more! Little readers will feel proud of themselves as they identify shapes on each page.

"Hundreds of diamonds make up the goal's net"

"A goalie's legs form a triangle with the ice"

The Sports Illustrated Kids book series is a great way to introduce various concepts to little readers aged 1-4 years old. The format of each book is simple, direct and engaging. If you have any hockey fans in your household, this series is sure to please!

I might not be ready for all that comes along with being a "hockey mom", but I'm always game for seeing the teachable moments in every situation. As such, a big puck up from me!

Happy Sunday...and as always, happy reading!

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