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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

More often than not, when people find out I'm an author, they tell me that they have a story they've always wanted to tell. Truly, everyone has a story to tell, and what typically gets in the way is fear. I get it, I've been there (and I'm still there on some days!)

I recently took a solo trip to Costa Rica and met some fascinating people. More on that in a future blog post...but my point...when you take the time to actively listen to someone's unique life experience, you start to hear a story unravel before your eyes. The practice of connecting to your thoughts, emotions and imagination is a powerful tool when thinking about writing your own story.

Staying present and gaining inspiration for self-publishing journey

When people tell me they have an idea for a story, or they've always wanted to write a children's book but don't have the time or knowledge, I always tell them to simply start writing. It doesn't cost anything to put pen to paper or type away. The words don't have to make sense or flow perfectly, but start planting those seeds. Before you know it, there will be a story in bloom. That's what happened to me.

I didn't necessarily have a long-term goal of writing or imagine a specific children's book in my head, but my imagination was wrapped into my kids' daily life. As a stay-at-home-mom, I found myself actively listening and tuning into how my children interacted with the world around them. I bookmarked the funny things they said, the curious questions they asked and the raw emotions they displayed. Before I knew it, I had three manuscripts in my hands. My children's book series, Tate's Tales, was born out of love, curiosity and a desire to spread joy through storytelling.

Self-published books written by Nicole de Nobriga
Tate's Big Birthday! and Tate's Purple Tongue!

Everyone's story and purpose for writing is different, but undoubtedly there will be an audience eager to engage and relate. What's your story? Is something getting in the way of you telling that story? How do you feel when you allow your ideas to pour onto the page?

To those aspiring storytellers: you already have a story to tell deep within you. The next time your imagination takes flight, I encourage you to write down what you see, hear and feel. I look forward to hearing your story one day.

Imagine, stay curious and as always...happy reading!

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