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2020 Vision? More like 2020 Vision-Boarding!

This year feels symbolic in so many ways. It's the start of a new career, a new life stage, and a new decade. As I look back, I see the all the bricks and mortar that I put in place over the last few years, and more purposefully, last year.

2019. I rode the wave. At times, the current was strong and I feared the undertow. I dove headfirst into my self-publishing journey, maintained my fitness goals, and watched one of my little fish swim into a sea of big fish. I treaded through loss, anxiety, and self doubt. Through it all, it was my my clear vision that kept me on course.

2019 Vision Board

Vision. A word that holds significant meaning. Let's peel the onion, shall we? At first glance, (literally), 'vision' is the ability to see. When we look at any given object or circumstance, what do we see? I bet we all see different versions of the same thing. In this sense, 'vision' gives us perspective. Another loaded word. Next onion layer...

It is through the act of seeing that we take in all kinds of visual cues and information. In this sense, 'vision' is part of our education. At times, our vision can be clear, blurry, or altered; often making us look further or more closely. Seeing is believing, right? Next onion layer...

If seeing is believing, how can we transform these manifestations into our overall vision? In this sense, 'vision' is the ability to plan out the future with an overall understanding of our desires. Here is where the onion gets deep. Our vision becomes an introspective exercise of where we've been, where we currently are, and where we're going. Almost at the core...

As we imagine our past, present, and future, we are essentially creating a dream. In this sense, a 'vision' is like an imagined dream. In that dress, she was a vision of elegance. His last stride to the finish line was a vision of glory. See what I'm getting at?

It is no wonder that my vision is what kept me going last year, and ultimately pushed me forward in achieving my goals. Every morning I would look at my 2019 Vision Board, and like a mirror, my board stared back at me. In that daily gaze, I hustled with intention. So, here we go 2020, let's do this...

Creating a Vision Board can be daunting, or alternatively, can feel like a middle school art project. I decided to create my own acronym to help guide the exercise of vision boarding, while also providing effective tips and tricks. Acronym drum roll please...

E-P-I-C! Basically how I feel about starting a new decade too.

EPIC: 4 Tips to Creating an Effective Vision Board

E is for END-GAME. What is your end-game? I like to start by imagining the aerial view of where I'm going. Are you in line at the airport getting ready to take a trip of a lifetime? Are you standing on a stage getting ready to give an impactful speech? Are you quietly soaking in a tub, while meditating in peace? This end-game daydream helps you to envision who/what you want to embody, and how many things need to happen to get to that space. How do you get to the airport, stage, or soaker tub? That's where the other letters come into play...

P is for PRECISE. Be precise. This is a key tip for creating actionable goals and intentions. Once you have an aerial view of your end-game, you want to be precise about the steps needed to get you there. Being precise with our goals and intentions keep us focused on specific tasks, help to make big dreams feel digestible, and can ultimately be measured at the end of the year. For me, launching my debut children's book is a big part of my 2020 Vision Board. I want to be precise about my sales goals so that I can visualize that number, be accountable to that number, and measure my results against that number.

I is for INTENTIONAL. Be intentional. Each one of your goals should feel important and intentional. For example, what is your intention behind losing 'x' amount of weight by the end of the year? Or, what is the intention behind making new friends this year? I find that understanding the intention behind each goal leads me to (1) sift out goals that don't fall in line with my overall vision, and (2) tackle my goals with feverish commitment.

“Powerful words come with powerful intent. Where you have passion, strength, courage, and determination you can accomplish anything!” K.L. Toth

C is for CHECK-IN. Don't forget to check-in with yourself. We have visualized our end-game, set precise goals, and are pursuing our Vision Board with keen intention, BUT, we can't forget to stay accountable. Chances are our journey won't be linear. There will be ups, downs, dips, and pivots. We need to check-in with ourselves, assess our progress, re-assess our goals, celebrate our wins, and not dwell on our missteps. I like to look at my Vision Board every morning, while formally checking-in to measure each goal every month. It's okay to put healthy pressures on ourselves, but it's also important to give ourselves grace.

I hope this helps you to visualize your own goals, and inspires you to manifest a fulfilling year to come. Cheers to the start of an EPIC decade, and happy Vision-Boarding!

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