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A Life Re-set. A Bedroom Re-design.

One year into the doors shutting closed around us, life reverted back to the basics. A life re-set, if you will. As the saying goes: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (Vodka optional?) What I say is: When life calls for a re-set, re-design a room. Or something like that!?

I had so much fun sharing my workspace design a while back, that I thought I would share my recent guest bedroom re-design. Meditation and journaling have become an important part of my morning routine this past year, and the guest bedroom felt like the right space to zen-out. My design inspiration began lofty, but my heart guided me back to the basics...where I belong.

I can't help but laugh thinking about some of my initial design plans. I was adamant that the room needed a corner window to bring in more natural light. Just a "little weekend project" to bust out some walls, insert new window and patch up. No biggie, right?! Scratch that "little" idea. Or, how about adding all kinds of hanging plants that are unreachable to water and maintain? Yeah...scratch that, too.

Back to the basics and grounded in calm energy, I started to chip away at the room. My mind, (and ultimately heart), always came back to the following questions: What makes you feel happy? What brings you peace? How will this inspire you in a positive way? With all that in mind, I present the 'everything zen' bedroom...

First, the before...


Voila! The after...


It's all in the details. First up, natural light. I knew I wanted an eastward-facing view in the morning during my meditation. The sun rises in the east, and I wanted to feel the energy of renewal, new beginnings and rising up. A daily dose of Vitamin D sure helps too!

Morning sunshine casting a light into the room.

Speaking of sunshine, I knew I wanted a piece of nature incorporated into the room. Cue the plants! I found beautiful low-maintenance greenery from a local plant shop, Gro For It. I love my strong and bold snake plant, as well as the baby succulents by the window. I'm reminded that plants are part of the circle of life and give us the gift of breath. Inhale, exhale.

Snake plant from Gro For It.
Succulents from Gro For It. I got creative and used appetizer ladles as pot holders.

Next up was bedding. A new bed set can change the whole vibe in a space, especially if it's the focal point of the room. After a few days of scrolling through endless bed set options, I finally landed on a water-inspired theme. There is something so calming about water. The sounds, the free-flowing cadence - a reminder that life has a natural flow and it's okay to let go. I purchased the new bed set from another local Canadian-made brand, QE Home.

Bed set and throw pillows from QE Home.
Water-inspired bedding with subtle blue streaks.
Bedding can really change the vibe of a whole room.

A big part of my morning routine is to set intentions for the day. Through meditation, journaling and learning about the principles of Astrology, I've come across the significance of having an alter at home. For me, putting together an alter in the room

meant honouring things that are dear to my heart, as well as manifesting how I want to grow into my best self. I found a console table from Amazon that works perfectly.

Console table from Amazon works perfectly as my alter.
Items like an essential oil diffuser, cross, meaningful books and personalized items from my kids and family add meaning to my alter.

As a creative person, artwork was a must in the room. Above the bed, I repurposed a piece that I had made for the kids' nursery when they were babies. The popular lyrics: "Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream..." fit perfectly with the water themes around the room. I also added a blue iris painting, as the flower symbolizes hope and faith. One of my favourite pieces is from Danielle Coke, "Heart, Home, World." I also pulled out an old purchase from Marshalls that serves as my daily reminder to lead with love and kindness.

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream."
Blue Iris painting from Walmart.
"Heart, Home, World" by Danielle Coke.
"Be kind, speak truth, be curious, show grace, work hard, be grateful, love always" from Marshalls.

With all of the new items coming together in the room, there was a bare corner that needed a little love. You can never go wrong with a sitting area, and for me, another excuse to create a reading nook. Thanks to a cute lounge chair from local shop, Dot Furniture, a simple reading nook took shape. I accessorized with a throw blanket, turned an old wicker basket upside down as a side table and topped it with a fake decorative plant.

Beige lounge chair from Dot Furniture and throw pillow from QE Home. Re-purposed throw blanket from our linen closet, turned an old wicker basket upside down for side table, and topped the look with a fake plant. Voila!
Sitting area complete!

Now for all the final touches. I replaced the bed side tables with free-floating shelves (another Amazon find), and added a few personal touches that bring me happiness and peace.

Family-sewn blanket sitting on special wood piece passed down from family. I use this blanket every morning during meditation and journaling.
Journal from Dayna Lee Collection and affirmation cards from Kelsie Josephs.

I couldn't be happier with how the re-design turned out, and I am so grateful for my quiet mornings. Do you have any areas of your home, (or maybe life), that you want to re-design? Start with what brings you happiness, peace and love.

Sending lots of virtual love your way, and as always, happy reading!

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