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DIY Mini Library

Hello friends! Hello readers!

Looking for engaging ways to promote reading with your littles? Or, need ideas to keep your kiddos busy during the day? We made our very own mini libraries the other day, and I'm hesitant to even say this out loud, but my 6 and 3 year-old actually focused from start to finish! I know, I've probably just jinxed myself.

My kids love rearranging their rooms and creating imaginary play areas, (otherwise known as making a BIG mess!) With that in mind, they were delighted at the idea of creating their very own mini library for their rooms. The process of creating a mini library and mapping out a reading nook can help to encourage a love of books early on. I've seen this firsthand.

Here's our fun and super easy DIY guide to making a mini library out of cardboard...

1. Grab a mid to large size rectangular cardboard box.

2. Cut the smaller folding flaps off, while leaving the longer flaps intact.

3. The smaller flaps that are now cut off can be doubled-up and taped together for reinforcement, as it will turn into an interior book shelf.

4. Here's the fun part...Decorate the box!

  1. My littlest wanted to cover the box with wrapping paper.

  2. My biggest wanted to make his own poster that we taped into the box as a backdrop.

  3. Paints, pipe-cleaners, feathers, markers, glitter...decorate freely!

5. Once you're happy with the aesthetic, you can place the cardboard shelf, (ie. the reinforced smaller flaps), inside the box at the desired height. For my littlest, we tried heavy duty duck-tape to hold up the shelf but it didn't prove to be very durable. For my biggest, we stacked lego blocks to hold up the shelf and it worked perfectly.

6. Lastly, and most importantly, your kiddos can pick out the books they want to display in their mini library.

7. Finish the entire look with a hardcover book that can act as the roof!

*Optional: You can turn the large outer flaps into doors to hold the library shut.

There you have it! A one-of-a-kind mini library that utilizes your child's imagination, gives them an instant reading nook at home, and is sure to engage a story-time session with their favourite snack and stuffies.

Happy crafting, and as always, happy reading!

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