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Earth Day Story-Telling

I think we can all agree that the Earth is pretty special. It's home to mighty mountains, flowing bodies of water, majestic skies, creatures big and small, and perhaps the most interesting species of all...all of us!

Earth Day is a reminder to respect and take care of all the natural gifts around us. There are so many wonderful books that help little readers understand the importance of taking care of our beautiful planet.

Here are some top picks from our book shelf:

The Todd Parr series of books are fun, colourful and easy to digest. "The Earth Book" does a great job of sharing all the little things we can do everyday to help our environment stay healthy.
"I use both sides of the paper and bring my own bags to the market because I love the trees and want the owls to have a place to live."

- The Earth Book by Todd Parr

Little readers get to dive under water in this beautiful and fact-filled book by Brenda Williams & Annalisa Beghelli. "Home for a Penguin, Home for a Whale" tests your kiddos' knowledge about all kinds of sea creatures, includes a hidden snail on each page to find, and reminds us why it's important to keep our oceans/lakes clean.
"Flightless penguin, waddling free,
Dips and dives in icy sea.
Wide-winged albatross sleeps afloat,
But breeds on islands quite remote."

- Home for a Penguin, Home for a Whale by Brenda Williams & Annalisa Beghelli

"Looking after our Planet" by Katie Daynes & Ilaria Faccioli is a great choice for kiddos who like to interact with their book more closely. The lift-the-flap format is super fun and filled with facts about water, farming & food, plants & animals, and so much more! A book filled with so many little gems that you could divide it up for multiple story times.
"We need to know the facts so we can make the right decisions...What we do matters."

- Looking after our Planet by Katie Daynes & Ilaria Faccioli

Another Katie Daynes book, but this one focuses on recycling. With over 60 flaps to lift, your little reader will become an expert on where rubbish goes, how we can make less of it, and what can be recycled.
"Did you know...? If everyone recycled their newspapers, 250 million trees would be saved!"

- Questions and Answers about Recycling and Rubbish by Katie Daynes & Peter Donnelly

Wherever you reside in this great big world, we are all connected by our beautiful planet. Let's try our best to take care of that it can take care of us. While we’re at it, let’s also take care of each other ❤️

Happy Earth Day, and as always, happy reading!

*Side note: It's the middle of Spring, here in Ontario, and snow arrived today...

Happy Earth Day :)

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