Father's Day Bonus: Why I Love My Daddy


When you hold my hands, you hold my heart.

Today we celebrate all of the wonderful dads, grandpas, and father-figures in our lives. As we celebrate, I'm reminded of a favourite book in our household - "Why I Love My Daddy" (written in children's very own words, and beautifully illustrated by Daniel Howarth.)

Book Cover

The words are simple, the meanings are deep, and the "daddy & me" portrayals are captivating. With the turn of each page, little readers can identify all of daddy's unique qualities, as well as callout the different animals portrayed throughout the story. It's a great way for kids to learn descriptive words like, "clever", "strong", "cosy", "funny", "kind" etc...

My boys get a kick out of the father/son beaver page...

"I love my daddy because he fixes things"

If you are looking for a short and sweet story that daddy can read to the kids, I recommend "Why I Love My Daddy".

Happy Father's Day!

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