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November Reading List

I've got you covered for this month's top children's book picks. Whether you're squeezing in literacy practice, looking for a library outing or cuddling up at bedtime, my November reading list is sure to pass the engagement test with little readers.

First up, How Big is a Million?, by Anna Milbourne & Serena Riglietti. Set in a Winter wonderland of snow, this story follows a little penguin with a big question.

"How Big is a Million?" by Anna Milbourne & Serena Riglietti.

Pipkin, the penguin, travels through the snowy Arctic searching for the answer to his big question: How big is a million? He asks his animal friends along the way and explores different mathematical theories. Readers are encouraged to stay curious and use their own critical thinking skills. The answer is revealed at the end of the story and a bonus poster is included on the last page. A cute, curious and fun addition to any story-time.

Next up, Think Big, written by Robert Munsch & illustrated by Dave Whamond. One of Munsch's newest tales that showcases his signature quirky and imaginative story-telling.

"Think Big" written by Robert Munsch & illustrated by Dave Whamond.

If your kiddos are a Robert Munsch fan then this latest story will be a welcome addition to your bookshelf. Readers are transported into Jamaal's room where his imagination and ingenuity runs wild. What happens when you have the smallest room in the house and want to take matters into your hands by "fixing" the problem? That is the question Jamaal, and little readers, will ask with the turn of each comical and quirky page. This book is sure to bring giggles into your next story-time session.

Up next, Monty Goes South, by Marc Tetro. We were gifted this gem, and it's turned into a bedtime story favourite.

"Monty Goes South" by Marc Tetro.

Monty the Canada Goose explores all the things that make him unique, while facing his fears and reclaiming his bravery. The book's first page sets the stage...

"The leaves were starting to turn colour, and Monty had a problem. All his friends and family were preparing to migrate south for the Winter. But poor Monty couldn't fly - he was afraid of heights."

Little readers are taken on a journey with Monty as he considers all the ways he can solve this "problem." A beautiful story that will engage conversations about courage, resilience and "flying your own way!"

Lastly, Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear, written by Lindsay Mattick & illustrated by Sophie Blackall. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had no idea that Winnie-the-Pooh was inspired by real-life events in the 1900s, but pleasantly surprised to learn all about it in this beautiful book.

"Finding Winnie" written by Lindsay Mattick & illustrated by Sophie Blackall.

Little boy, Cole, asks his mom to tell him a bedtime story about a bear. Each subsequent page does just that - recounting a remarkable real-life story of how Winnie-the-Pooh was inspired by a rescued baby bear in 1914. Little readers learn how the real-life baby bear was taken to War and forged an unforgettable bond with Cole's great grandfather. The story comes full circle as real-life Christopher Robin is introduced at the end of the book. The last few pages also include old photos of the real baby bear, Winnie. A page-turning and inspiring tale that will engage conversations long after story-time is over.

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