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Story-Telling Sunday: A Little Spot on the Shelf

Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn!

The transition between seasons often hits me fast and furious, especially as I sort through my kids' endless piles of out-grown, out-worn and out-seasoned clothes. Make way for warm outerwear, folks! Although the seasons come and go in a fleeting pace, I'm reminded of the sluggish grip our feelings continue to have in these uncertain times.

Feelings of sadness, anxiety, fear, helplessness, confusion; also peppered with moments of joy, hope, comedy and clarity. For me, it's easy to get caught up in any combination of these emotions on a daily basis, but imagine how our children are processing these same feelings? Enter my newly discovered children's book series:

"A Little Spot of..." by Diane Alber.

We have many children's books that cover topics around feelings and emotions, but they fall short on providing practical and kid-friendly coping tools to use in everyday situations. Alber's "Spot" series provides simple yet meaningful tools that kids can use when experiencing big emotions. It has been a game-changer in our household.

From A Little Spot of Courage, to A Little Spot of Patience, to A Little Spot of Anxiety, this book series offers a wide range of topics to help little readers navigate through their big feelings. Every book details relatable examples that help kids recognize their emotions. Scenarios like:

  • struggling with sharing

  • feeling left out

  • getting angry about not getting your way

  • fearing the unknown

  • feeling impatient when you have to wait for...literally, anything!

Those are just some of the examples that are covered throughout the "Spot" collection. I see my children's eyes light up because they can see themselves in many of the scenarios showcased in the books. When the wheels start turning with each page, I jump at the opportunity to dig a little deeper. As I always say, books have the magical ability to open up important conversations, and to hopefully apply that dialogue in meaningful ways. The "Spot" series is no exception.

From an aesthetic point of view, Alber's illustrations are fun, scribble-like and approachable for little readers. I appreciate the simplicity of creating a literal spot as the main character, and my kids have created their own "Spot" at home. All you need is paper, markers and a BIG imagination!

The Confidence Spot from "A Little Spot of Confidence" by Diane Alber.

My favourite part of the "Spot" series is the practical takeaway included at the end of each book. For example, in A Little Peaceful Spot, Alber provides a breathing chart that little readers can reference anytime they need to calm down. We use this almost daily!

Printable breathing tool from "A Little Peaceful Spot" by Diane Alber.

Coming back to Autumn and all the seasonal vibes, I highly recommend A Little Spot of Giving and A Little Thankful Spot. Both make great additions to your child's bookshelf with Thanksgiving around the corner. They include thoughtful worksheets for little readers to fill out and explore different ways we can give back to others, as well as all the things to be thankful for in our lives.

To piggy back on that thankful sentiment, I am so grateful to have made a little spot on our bookshelf for Diane Alber's fantastic book series. Currently in our bedtime story rotation is Finding Your Spot in the World: A Story About Diversity, and like the rest of Alber's books, it doesn't disappoint. Each book has been specially crafted to inspire a better you. What a great message to send our kids, right?!

To find out more about this wonderful book series, check out Diane Alber's platforms:


Instagram: @imnotjustascribble

Facebook: @imnotjustascribble

As always, happy reading!

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