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Story-Telling Sunday: Silly Wonderful You

Ever wonder what it would be like if your kid(s) could hear the thoughts running through your head as you navigate parenthood? I imagine myself shuffling through the house with visible thought bubbles of hilarity, doubt, exhaustion, happiness, frustration, and pride. "Silly Wonderful You" written by Sherri Duskey Rinker & illustrated by Patrick McDonnell, is an honest depiction of daily emotions through the eyes of a loving mother.

Book Cover

Rinker's style of writing is vivid and rich in vocabulary. Every page introduces a new emotion or adjective that pulls you into the story. Words like messy, crashy, giggly, grumpy, sleepy, and noisy to name a few.

McDonnell's illustrations remind me of comic-style drawings, with a focus on facial expressions. This helps carry the story, as the descriptive language compliments the animated characters. It almost feels like a comic strip brought to life in storybook form.

Although told in the perspective of a mother's feelings, the story is really a reflection of all the diverse and endearing qualities within our children. It brilliantly captures "all the feels" - the good, the bad, the creative, the awesome...essentially, the "silly wonderful you"!

Rinker sweetly ends the book with:

"How could I have imagined...
I just never knew...
But since there was you,
I know now that dreams really do come true."

"Silly Wonderful You" is a great read for creative little minds who enjoy uber descriptive books and fun comic-style illustrations. I've also used this book as a gateway to discuss feelings, emotions, and human attributes to my kids. A big thumbs up all around!

Happy reading!

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