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Story-Telling Sunday: Thanksgiving Round-Up

Fall is officially upon us! My boys are exploring the colourful leaves, picking the juiciest apples from neighbouring farms, and enjoying their favourite seasonal treats. Oh, and Halloween costumes are in the virtual hands of Amazon's checkout cart. It's safe to say that Fall is in full swing at 'casa de Nobriga'!

With Canadian Thanksgiving around the corner, I'm inspired by all the blessings that surround us on a daily basis. As I always say, the right picture book can spark insightful conversations at home, and this week I'm introducing books that focus on giving thanks.

Here are my top 3 selections...

"Thank You, Canada"

Book Cover

Written and illustrated by Andrea Lynn Beck, "Thank You, Canada", is a beautiful homage to Canada as a country. We often take for granted the liberties and freedoms built into our country, and this book helps teach our kids to be proud and thankful to live in Canada. Beck highlights many of Canada's unique traits through playful illustrations and rhyming text. With the turn of each page, little readers can explore all of Canada's wonderful landscape, unique-sounding towns, fun sports, and iconic animals. There are numerous teachable moments within this book, and I guarantee your little reader will be engaged from start to finish.

One of my favourite passages from the book reads:

"There's so much more to thank you for:

Sleds, snow, chinooks that blow!

Niagara Falls! Enormous malls!

The loonie and the toonie,

All those giant roadside fish.

My auntie in Antigonish!"

"Thank you, Canada, for our freedoms. We're proud to be a rainbow!"

"The Thankful Book"

Book Cover

Written and illustrated by Todd Parr, "The Thankful Book", mimics the quirky and fun style within the Parr collection. This picture book is a great introductory book to teaching little readers about giving thanks. The story is told in a simplistic way, with Parr's signature illustrations that resemble children's artwork. Parr's story-telling will certainly have your kiddos asking questions and thinking about their daily blessings. You might even get some giggles with passages like, "I am thankful for underwear because I like to wear it on my head."

I love how Parr personalizes all of his books, and in this book he writes:

"There are lots of things to be thankful for.

Try to remember some of them everyday!

Love, Todd"

"I am thankful for my hands because they help me give special gifts. I am thankful for my feet because they help me run and play."

"Buttercup's Lovely Day"

Book Cover

Written by Carolyn Beck & illustrated by Andrea Beck, "Buttercup's Lovely Day", is a great conversation starter about appreciating our magnificent surroundings. The story follows a cow named Buttercup who soaks in all the lovely parts of her day. From the clouds to the fields to the night's darkness, Buttercup is thankful for all the things that unfold throughout her day. The text flows in whimsical rhymes, while the illustrations dance on each page with a paint-like quality. This book is a beautiful read aloud bedtime option.

I'm in awe of Beck's vivid story-telling, as evidenced in this passage:

"I love the night

as it bursts into view,

a star-blasted vast

of deep dark blue.

What is this magic,

this sizzle and twink?

It makes me wonder.

It makes me think.

Is the moon a bucket filled to the top?

Is it brimming with milk?

Did it spill? Did it slop?

Is that milk in the sky?

And here am I, Buttercup, a cow.


It is so, so fine

to be bovine

to be a cow

right here

right now."

That rounds up my top picture books that focus on giving thanks. I hope these help inspire thoughtful conversations in your home.

As always, happy reading!

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