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Why Wednesday: Does a Creative Work Space Matter?

I'm taking a quick hiatus from preschool inquiries to answer my own #WhyWednesday question. As an over-thinker with surges of creativity constantly running through my body, I find it ironic that I didn't have a creative space anywhere in the house to work on my projects. Hence this week's question: Does a creative work space matter?

For me, the reality of being an at-home entrepreneur means "entrepreneuring" in between cooking, cleaning, and mothering. My work space is usually the kitchen island where I'm at arms length of a demanding preschooler, coffee, and paper towels. Sounds like a Bounty Towels commercial, am I right? What used to be a semi-clean kitchen counter is now filled with books, writing pads, reminders, and my laptop. I've lasted about 6 months in this environment...until now.

Drum roll please...

I've designed my very own 'creative nook' in the house. Turns out that a creative work space does matter! As a writer, I need to feel inspired, and having a creative space to comfortably process my thoughts is key. On my checklist when designing this 'nook':

  • natural light

  • plants

  • inspirational wall art

  • affirmation reminders

  • book shelves

  • minimalist desk

  • reading corner

  • bright & vibrant colour scheme

I'm excited to share this space with you, and maybe inspire you to find that happy place that allows you to feel the freedom to make your dreams come true!



It's all in the details...First up, natural light!

Natural light is so important for me, so I purposely chose a corner desk that allows me to face a window when writing.

Here comes the sun :)

Let the plants grow (well, sorta)!

Natural light + plants seemed like the perfect marriage. However, I didn't want an extra "chore", so I decided to go fake on this one. Plant holders are from ChaptorsIndigo & plants are from Dollarama!

Another cute no-maintenance "plant" from Marshalls.

Using a floral arrangement as a bookend to brighten the shelf. Vase from Marshalls, and flowers from Dollarama!

I do enjoy a good motivational quote...thumbs up for inspiring wall art!

Bright floral canvas pieces from Marshalls. "But first, coffee" frame from ChaptorsIndigo. "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop" frame from Marshalls. These pieces came together really nicely and compliment my bright & vibrant colour scheme.

Wall art unite :)

LOVE this piece that I found at Marshalls. It perfectly fits in the "reading corner" space, and is a message that resonates with kids and adults!

Can't have motivational quotes without affirmation reminders...

I bought this little chalkboard years ago for my baby shower, and it's come in handy ever since! Thank you Michaels Arts & Crafts for this much-used purchase. Currently on my desk as a reminder to "make it happen!"

Agreed! "To read is to dream with eyes open". Another awesome find from ChaptorsIndigo.

As a mother, writer, and avid reader, books shelves are a must!

I had a lot of fun putting together this bookshelf from EQ3. Children's picture books bring me so much joy, especially as I go through my own self-publishing journey. I used stacked books as bookends to keep it child-safe, as well as a pencil crayon holder which works perfectly!

I wanted a smaller bookshelf dedicated to some of my favourite novels. I'm a big fan of autobiographies, and of course a whole shelf dedicated to parenting books.

I didn't want my creative nook to be crowded with office-type furniture, which is why I chose a minimalist desk.

Walnut-top corner desk from EQ3; fits perfectly at the window!

Sunny view from the desk :)

Desk chair from EQ3 and pillow from Marshalls.

My creative nook wouldn't be complete without an inviting reading corner.

Next to the kids bookshelf, I set up a little spot with a fuzzy rug from Winners, decorative pillows (teal pair from Michaels Arts & Crafts; rainbow from ChaptorsIndigo), and an inspiring message on the wall. BE YOU!

Reading corner at arms length makes me happy :)

I think the real star of this creative nook is the colour scheme. It truly feels like a Crayola-inspired space that makes me feel positive, energized, and motivated to make things happen. I couldn't be happier with how this once barren hallway space turned into my very own creative nook.

Finding inspiration and staying motivated can be a challenge, and I'm discovering ways that help keep me on track. Creating this dedicated space has certainly been one of the ways that keeps me on the path to fulfilling my self-publishing goals. What does your happy place look like? Maybe the pier, the park, the porch...leave it to a writer to create an alliteration halfway through the sentence! But seriously, I challenge you to find that space that allows you the freedom to dream, create, and do.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart" - Confucious.

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