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Why Wednesday: How Can an Idea Change the World?

Any time we introduce our kids to a new book, we spend most of our time answering inevitable questions about the characters, the subject matter, the illustrations, the name it, we discuss it! This week, we've had the pleasure of discovering "What Do You Do With An Idea" written by Kobi Yamada & illustrated by Mae Besom. New book, new #WhyWednesday question!

"What Do You Do With An Idea" tells the story of a little boy who has an idea, but doesn't know what to do with it. The idea follows him around, grows with him, and lives with him. He is faced with critics and skeptics, but discovers that he feels happy and encouraged by his idea, and is determined to protect it. In the end, his idea bursts into the sky and becomes a part of everything...thus realizing that what you do with an idea is you CHANGE THE WORLD.

I'll admit, the subject matter seemed a bit mature for my 4 year-old, but he was determined to get answers. He was fixated on how an idea can change the world. Where does the world start and end? Is our backyard inside the world?

4 yr old: "Mommy, but how can we change the world with an idea?"

Me: "Think about ideas that can have an impact on how we do things for the better."

4 yr old: "Like making our sandbox bigger? That's an idea."

Me: "Well, more like ideas that impact everyone in the world. For example, a long time ago, we didn't have phones. The person who invented the telephone changed the world because we get to talk to our family and friends from far away."

4 yr old: "But who made the telephone?"

Me: "A man named Alexander Graham Bell."

4 yr old: "But does he live in Burlington?"

Me: "No, this was a very, very, very long time ago. He lives in heaven now."

4 yr old: "But is heaven in the world?"

Me: "Yes, heaven is part of the's just very high up in the sky."

4 yr old: "But where does the world stop?"

Me: "There is a big galaxy with different planets, and we live on planet Earth which includes the whole world."

4 yr old: "Can you show me on a map?"

Me: "How about I buy a book about the world and all the planets after I tuck you into bed?"

4 yr old: "Ok mommy...but only after our bedtime cuddles."

As always, my discussion left me amused and intrigued. For starters, what Solar System book would satisfy my son's curiosity, and two, how could I contribute to changing the world?

Until next week, I'll be pondering the meaning of life ;)

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