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Winter Reading List: Picture Book Edition

I see you, Winter. I also feel your fluffy cold snowflakes on my nose! Looking for some fun and interactive children's picture books that compliment the season? Here are some of my top Winter picks...

How Big is a Million? by Anna Milbourne & Serena Riglietti

I was immediately drawn to the Wintery cover of this cute picture book. Not to mention the title, "How Big is a Million", is something my 4-year old would most certainly ponder. Anna Mibourne tells the story of Pipkin, a very curious penguin, and his desire to find one million. He searches high and low and stumbles upon 10 fish, 100 penguins, and even 1,000 snowflakes! In the end, his answer is revealed in a clever and heartwarming way. The book comes with a fold-out poster that makes the ending interactive and fun for little readers.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

This Ezra Jack Keats classic is listed as one of the most influential kids books of the 20th century! "The Snowy Day" tells the story of a little boy, Peter, who wakes up to the joy of snow outside his window. From carving out fresh snow tracks with his boots to making snow angels and snowmen, Peter captures the excitement that most children feel during the first snowfall of Winter. Beautifully illustrated and simply told, little readers will enjoy this snowy tale.

The Little Snowplow Wishes for Snow by Lora Koehler & Jake Parker

I stumbled upon this book during my last visit to Indigo, and it's quickly become a household favourite with my kids. Written by Lora Koehler & illustrated by Jake Parker, "The Little Snowplow Wishes for Snow" is exactly as the title suggests. Little readers will follow the snowplow's journey through each season as he counts down to the first snowfall of Winter. After all, snowplowing is an important job! Plus, the ending has a surprise celebration that little readers will enjoy.

A Day for Skating by Sarah Sullivan & Madeline Valentine

Written by Sarah Sullivan & illustrated by Madeline Valentine, "A Day for Skating" follows a father-daughter duo as they spend the day at a frozen pond. It captures all of the heartwarming nuances on the rink, from lacing up skates to frozen toes, to gliding figure skaters and clattering hockey players. Little readers will be drawn into each whimsy and beautiful illustration, while the rhyming style keeps kiddos engaged from verse to verse.

My favourite passage:

"Couples waltz.

Children race.

Happy people.

Happy place."

So Much Snow / Pyjama Day / There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Puck by Robert Munsch & Michael Martchenko

Most kids wish for a snow day home from school, but not Jasmine...she is determined to get to school for Pizza Day, even if it means trekking through the deep, deep snow! With each step, Jasmine sinks deeper and deeper in the snow, all the while singing her way through this snowy blizzard. "So Much Snow" is another Robert Munsch classic that will have your little readers giggling throughout the story.

"Pyjama Day" has become a staple in our household. Imagine the "perfect" set of pyjamas that make you fall into a deep sleep. So deep that you miss out on recess and lunch! Little readers will hang onto every word as you turn each page.

"There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Puck" is as absurd and quirky as the title suggests. Little readers will be intrigued with every outrageous twist and turn throughout the book. With the turn of each page, you find out what the "old lady" swallows next...a puck, a goalie, a net? If you have any hockey fans at home, this will become a storytime favourite.

The Mitten by Jan Brett

"The Mitten" is another Winter classic that has been around for decades. Nicki's grandmother reminds him to take care of his homemade mittens before he heads outside in the cold, but within minutes of stepping into the snow, he unknowingly drops a mitten. The story unfolds as the woodland animals stumble upon his lost mitten and find a cozy place to rest...inside the mitten! Jan Brett tells this classic tale in a humorous way that will have your little readers grinning from ear to ear.

Peg + Cat: The Penguin Problem by Jennifer Oxley & Billy Aronson

If you enjoy the PBS Kids channel, you may already be familiar with the The Peg + Cat series. Created by Jennifer Oxley & Billy Aronson, the series follows Peg and her sidekick, "Cat", as they face different math problems. Based on the tv series, the books are equally as fun, engaging, and educational for little readers.

"Peg + Cat: The Penguin Problem" follow Peg & Cat to the South Pole's Animal Winter Games, where they help the ski-racing Penguins solve some big problems on the slopes! Little readers are encouraged to help out as the characters ski to the finish line. An added bonus is that each page number is written as a counting lesson

(ie. Pg 3+1=4).

A Snowman for Little Bear by Trace Moroney

We were gifted this heartwarming book a few Winters ago, and it continues to be a bedtime favourite in our house. "A Snowman for Little Bear" brings to life the pure joy that snowfall brings, as Little Bear hurries outside to enjoy the soft, white snow. Catching snowflakes on her tongue, making snowy footprints, and throwing snowballs are just a few of the activities she enjoys. Best of all, she starts building a snowman with the help of her forest friends. A tale about Wintery fun, friendship and sharing.

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